Members Projects – OLD

Our individual model engineering projects are very much a culmination of technical skill – ingenuity – and often years of creative effort.

Much of this happens within the confines of the home-workshop which somewhat limits the opportunity for other like-minded or aspiring enthusiasts to share and appreciate the build experience.

Hopefully the pictures here might give you a flavour of the scale and variety of projects currently under construction by club members:

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And in a lot more detail why not take a look at what member Eddie Gibbons has been up to in his workshop.

But before we go there just a word about the origins of Eddies project ….

GNR H4 & LNER K3 Locomotives

A Design by Nigel Gresley ….

…. these 2-6-0 locomotives [nickname “Jazzers”] were used for mixed-traffic work. In total 193 were built between 1920-1937 until they were eventually withdrawn from service 1959-1962 and sadly all were scrapped.

Back in 2005, Eddie commenced work on building a pair of these magnificent loco’s based on the original works drawings.

With meticulous attention to detail Eddie has made great progress in creating two equally manificent locos’ allbeit in 5-inch scale. Along the way he has taken time to record the build process giving us ample opportunity to watch a true master-craftsman at work.

Build Summary ….

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