Mick Jordison’s K1 Garratt

Many Members will know about and have seen Mick Jordisons K1 Garratt. Here he tells us a bit about his experience with painting it …

It’s painting time again and it’s my worst nightmare. I have always ended up basically spoiling my projects with painting. This time I assumed it would be more of the same.

I get my supplies from Auto Panels in Birtley, I tried to buy some cellulose thinners but they said “no – use acetone” and this changed everything. When I started it was painting as usual – a total disaster, and it went from bad to worse, a total mess.

I remember Ian Spencer saying you can take the paint off with cellulose thinners so I put the parts into acetone, brushed them clean and 30 seconds later I was painting them again.

There must be other members who have the same problems as me when it comes to painting, so acetone gives you the confidence to keep putting wet coats on without the fear of runs or whatever else that you have to deal with before continuing.

My first six or seven attempts I had to strip off, but by then I was getting the hang of it and it then went from strength to strength. For me I think it’s the best I have achieved in paint spraying. The preparation let’s it down (I didn’t do any) so I hope anyone who struggles like me, the use of acetone makes the same difference, it gives you the freedom to just go for it knowing you can remove every trace of paint in about thirty seconds.

Mick has since sent this update … I’ve re-designed the feed pump, water tanks and pipe-work. The gas burner is set to produce a blue flame, and the pipe-work is complete to connection in the cab.

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