7 1/4-inch gauge WREN 0-4-0

Ken’s prototype for Wren is based on British locomotive builder Kerr Stuart contractor’s engine which was built circa 1927

The origin of the “Wren” class can be traced back to No. 850, a 2 ft. 1 3/4-inch gauge 0−4−0 saddle tank supplied to the Southend Gas Company on 24 December 1903 – for more infomation visit The Industrial Railway Record ….

…. and yet another Wren is on the stocks in Mick Jordisons workshop and making good progress.

Mick is all “fired-up” with his Wren build. Latterly Brian Nicholls is lending a helping hand with the boiler work [wise decision]

Here’s Mick’s latest workshop report …..

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