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If you have found these pages interesting, please consider contacting the secretary with a photo or two of your latest project with a write up,

perhaps of how things are going so far. Your project will be of interest to others.  

Using the subject links above you can follow some on-going projects.



 The new clubhouse came up to expectations in early February when we had an 'Unfinished Projects' event for members. The pictures below give a flavour of the event



Sitting, talking, drinking tea & coffee, eating bacon butties surrounded by models - a good Sunday at the club!



Brian Nicholls 7 1/4" guage Koppel boiler 

Peter Newby's nearly complete 5" guage electric loco



Ian Spencer's V2 was running on air



One of Eddie Gibbons' pair of K3/H4                                                                                   Mike Dibb's Speedy Chassis



 Ken Johnson's A3 chassis                                                                                                    Mark Croucher's Sweet Pea Chassis



Jim Jamieson's NE straight runner 'The Rose' was originally built in the 1950's by Gearge Leach. The engine has recently been refurbished & a new boiler fitted

Fred Graham's own design of steam launch engine


George Rossiter's standard class 5 tender                                                                   Malcolm Phillips B15 boiler parts


Michael Maguire's Telegraph Relaying Sounder                                                                          Steve Fisher's Grinding rest to the Harold Hall design

Eddie Yarwood ran his 5" electric loco outside 











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