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You may remember pictures of the new boundary fence posts being installed as the building was being erected. Work ground to a halt when we started putting back some of the old pallings. They did not look particularly good and the mix of old and new would be worse again. So the decision was made to purchase all new pallings, it has taken over a month to get delivery. However it has been worth the wait!


Above the south boundary and below the east.


As the weather has at last been slightly kinder to us, good progress has been made on the fence today.


Next the fence from the pedestrian entrance to the museum is to be renewed. Instead of a hotch potch of heights and varieties of fencing types, 
the new fence will be a continuation of the recently installed one shown above.

The area around the outside of the building is being prepared before small stones are added for free flowing drainage.


Work has begun on the next line of fencing between the members' entrance gate and the public entrance gate


An ongoing effort to relocate some of the soil dug out for the foundations has resulted in well over half of the area in front of the old clubhouse being cleared.

As this is being dug by hand & moved using wheel barrows, this is no mean feat!

Where's the gate? this could cause some head scratching!!



The flower boxes Vera Bolter saved when the Cafe in the Park was being renovated were in the wrong place now that we have a new fence & gates
Paul Henderson used the winch on the front of his 4X4 to move them to their new position.



Inside the gate the foundation is being dug out for a wheelchair ramp into the clubhouse. Hot work the digging team reckoned!


At last the spoil from digging out the foundations has been removed from behind the new building.

The old workshop building has gone

Also Wylam Brewery have completed laying tarmac over our access area and created a car park to the side of our new building - loads better than the mud!


The fenceline is now complete with the installation of new vehicle entrance gates. Jim has again installed these so that there is an unbroken line.

The old clubhouse has been taken down and once it is removed the area will be landscaped


Once the new owners had removed the building a Hiab was hired to move the last of the rubble.

The last piece of fencing is in place at the north east corner of the site!

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