Tyneside Society
of Model and Experimental Engineers
the foundation
Erecting the building
Outdoor area

A suspended ceiling will be fitted in the clubroom and kitchen, this has been purchased second hand off EBay. The workshop will not have a ceiling fitted.

The entrance lobby & toilet area has now had a plasterboard ceiling fitted.


The second hand suspended ceiling tiles and framework
(in front is the hand basin and cupboard that will be situated in the entrance lobby for dirty hand washing)

The plasterboard ceiling in the entrance lobby, disabled toilet & urinal is now permanently in place.
The joins between boards are being filled as are the screw heads.

Now the walls are decorated, the suspended ceiling can be fitted. First a rail is fitted round the walls.
Next the aluminium long pieces are suspended by wire from the ceiling and shorter cross pieces clip into place to form a grid.
The tiles  fit snugly into the grid. New light fittings have been purchased, they are low voltage & fit into the grid just like the tiles.





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