Tyneside Society
of Model and Experimental Engineers
the foundation
Erecting the building
Outdoor area

Now the building shell is complete, water tight and secure interior walls can be constructed. First another delivery of wood.

Standing in what will be the kitchen, looking towards the entrance door and lobby area.

Again looking from the kitchen area but towards the workshop. A wall will be going right across here with an internal door.


Many  thanks to the small (but perfectly formed??!!) squad of members that are completing the work.


Above, the wall between the clubroom and the workshop, below the kitchen and the entrance lobby 


Work continues on the walls between the entrance lobby, the clubroom and the kitchen area.


Almost all the clubroom walls are now framed ready for plasterboarding & the plasterboarding has been delivered.

First fix services are being installed before the boarding begins


The back wall of the clubroom is boarded

Ian installing insulation in the entrance lobby walls.

The long window wall ready for plasterboarding

The window wall of the clubroom receives the plasterboard treatment


Now the plumbing and wiring are in place in the kitchen, the plasterboarding can be completed.


The walls are to be dy lined, so the next step is to run special tape down the plasterboard joins and cover with 'mud'
(plaster? made specifically for the job)

As the kitchen units are nearly all back in the kitchen area, the club room is looking less cluttered and access to the walls
is easier so most have now been taped and the screw heads filled. Fiddly bits around the windows are now ready for final filling as well.



Corner joints are taped then plastered.

Skirting boards are being fitted

Final preperation of the walls includes rubbing down plastered areas and boxing in the girders with MDF. Once the suspended ceiling is in place the rest of the girder will be out of sight.


Architraves are being fitted round the door frames

Now that some jobs are complete, a general tidy up of all areas was possible with odd pieces of plasterboard etc. kept 'in case'
being thrown out. The framework for the suspended ceiling is ready in the clubroom.
Once the ceiling tiles are up the workshop area will be clearer as well.


The electrics continue to come together with the consumer unit looking interesting!

The interior doors are now fitted from the clubroom to the workshop & clubroom to entrance lobby


   The paint is going on in the main clubroom and the kitchen


The suspended ceiling going in


At the same time, Robin has connected a temporary electric supply so is very pleased when he tests the sockets!

Thanks to the continued generosity of members we have been able to have commercial quality flooring fitted.
Please also note the lighting panels in the suspended ceiling


The library is housed in new bookcases

After much effort by the members we are now moving in to our new clubhouse!


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