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the foundation
Erecting the building
Outdoor area

The cladding has been stored around the ground level track ready for attachment.


Less than a week since the delivery of the parts and it is time to start cladding.
Walls are first, the back wall does not have windows and so is the first to receive attention.



Next it was time to start the front, cutting a panel to fit aroud the workshop door.


The fence work group completed the posts and started the rails.

Good progress continues on the on the second day of cladding.
Groups worked on the workshop end wall, across the front including starting the windows and the kitchen end wall.




The fence squad quietly continue in the background making great steps forward

Cladding day 3, both end walls are complete and the apex cut on each. The second window on the front is in, so just around the door to go and the walls are on!



And finally for today a superb view from the air, courtesy of Steve Ilston.


Cladding day 4 the walls are complete and half the roof is attached!



The fence crew have now started adding palings.


Cladding day 5 and spurred on by a wind and rain forecast for the afternoon, a small squad worked to complete the second half of the roof.

It's really looking like a building now! 


The roof is going on!



The doors are hung & locked. The roof ends are sealed.


The ridge is sealed with foam and capping fitted


The gap between the walls & roof is filled with foam to seal it, then the gutters are added.



Slightly less than 5 weeks after initial delivery the building is completed and watertight.

In January the windows & security shutters will be fitted and the fitting out work will start. To continue following progress please follow the links above to windows and fitting out.

For those wondering about the fence, we decided the recycling of old palings was not working so a full set of new ones will be arriving in January. Pictures will follow in a new subsection!

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