Tyneside Society
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Erecting the building
Outdoor area

The delivery all went to plan with the lorry coming across the Town Moor.


Palets were unloaded int othe parkinng area, split and the carried by a squad of volunteers onto the site.



Then the fun began as engineers all expressed their ideas and the pieces started to go together.


Rain stopped play.

Day 2 - Even though the instruction book had been read by several people, it turned out to be wrong, so sadly the previous days work had to be dismantled and put together differently.



Eventually the job was back to about the same stage as the previous day, but everyone was soaked to the skin again,
then a rainbow appeared, great we thought, but the the heavens opened again and work stopped for day 2.

Day 3 and it wasn't raining! Work progressed well with the final 3 frames going up, another team started to fix on the purlings.


A third team have started cementing in new concrete fenceposts on the east and south sides of the site.




Day 4, no rain but by the afternoon the wind was bitterly cold. A smaller team today, but they got up all the eaves struts and the perlings at both ends and across the back, also the majority of the roof perlings.


There were less members in the fence crew today, but they managed to finish concreting in oe row of posts.

Drinking a cup of Jim's warming brew.

Day 5 and the weather defeated us, freezing northerly winds & rain.

Day 6 and a good work crew arrived so we were able to complete the final fixes of the framework, the workshop doorframes went in, then the purlings along the front & finally the door into the clubhouse.



The bad weather has caused delays but the mud is a problem too.

The fence team had a good day and the final posts should be concreted in tomorrow.



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