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August 17th 2015

Day 1 and the contractors move in to mark out the site.


Day 3, all is going well. The deeper trench for the building to rest on can be seen, with a shallower centre area for the floor area.


The first load of dolomite arrives and is soon starting to be used.



Day 7 - All is going well despite thunder & lightening through the night!


Day 8 - the initial digging & filling with hardcore is almost complete. 


However all the soil etc. that has been dug out is temporarily around the old clubhouse!

Day 10 the digging is complete & the sewer pipe laid in the hardcore

A gas membrane is laid over the hardcore


and one of my particular favourite features - the drain for, among other things, a toilet!!!

Next step is the steel work around which the concrete will be poured.


Day 13 - The rebar is in place on its 'chairs' ready for the building inspector.


Day 15 - The building inspector said 'yes' so time for the first concrete pour.


The mixer arrives & Ian wheels i the first of many barrow loads.





Mission accomplished thanks to the skills & efforts of the contractors & the hard work of the wheelbarrow squad!


Once the initial pour was hard, the site was prepared with shuttering and steel reinforcement.


September 15th - Finally the main pour - 5 cement mixers worth of concrete, too much for wheel barrows, so mechanical help was be used!

Load 1

Load 2


Load 3

Smoothing the surface and on to load 4


Load 5


A foundation to be proud of!


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