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Major work at the beginning of a new century saw the replacement of the high level track. The  new longer track was erected in a kidney shape inside the old one. Members can be seen below over a period of 3 years preparing the ground, positioning the pillars then adding the beams. 






Having finished the raised track, 2007 saw the start of foundation work for the new ground level track.



One of countless loads of cement mixed by Jim & his cement mixer




While Jim kept mixing, other teams started making & laying track    


A length of the 5" track being tested & found good


Finally the last length of cement base was laid!



Laying Eddie's bridge covered with sleepers was a special time signifying the completion of the running circuit


The opening ceremony for the ground level circuit was performed by Anne Ions, who unveiled a plaque in memory of her husband Eddie, an active member of the club for many years, Eddie's last project was the bridge, laid to complete the circuit.


The new track enabled TSMEE to host the 2009 Stephenson Memorial Efficiency Trials


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