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The original members of TSMEE circa 1944

They say some things never change, h
ere we see some members building the first track, look into the 2000's and the same thing is being repeated!

          The original signal box

From a past member Clive Kidd - 

My Father (Bill Kidd) driving Jackie Dent's 2 1/4" WD Austerity Late 1940's  

 An unknown driver going the correct way (!) round on an open day late 1940's. Note the clean concrete and colour light signal post on RHS to rear of passenger truck.

'Tiny' Parks drives some members children.
The first one on the passenger truck is my brother Malcolm aged 3, hence I know it is 1949.   


My brother looks as if he is on his way to break some coal, judging by the hammer on the ground. 


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