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As many  members have part built projects we decided to have a day where the emphasis was on these rather than running finished locomotives. As it happens, the weather far better suited to being indoors talking engineering than outside in horizontal snow driving a engine! Over 20 engines were on display from 16mm to 7 1/4" scale. Phil Work kindly photographed all the exhibits which can be seen below.

Peter Dawes 16mm Fowler Narrow gauge 0-4-0 tank chassis is dwarfed by Gordon Bullard's 5" Sweet Pea frames

Ken Burns showed his 3 1/2" Derby 4F frames

John Bolter is building a 3 1/2" NER 4-6-4 electric locomotive.

John's engine without the bodywork

Mike Dibb brought along his 3 1/2" Evening Star

Mike is also making a 5" 'GWR Speedy' 0-6-0 engine

and Mike's 3rd offering a 3 1/2" Standard class 2-6-0

Don Foskett had a 3 1/2" Titch 0-4-0

Eddie Yarwood is building a 5" 0-6-0 Rob Roy tank loco, he is scaling up from 3 1/2" drawings

Michael Ennis showed his 5" LNER B17 4-6-0 loco

and from a different angle.

Michael also brought along this triple expansion marine engine

and this early triple expansion marine engine.

David Henderson showed his 5" Polly

Brian Nicholls showed a 5" GWR King chassis which was started by someone who unfortunately died before completing the project. Brian intends to finish the loco along with several other projects!

The outside cylinders & front bogie of the King

Bill Oakes has a 5" coffee pot loco with vertical boiler

Ian Spencer is building a 5" LNER V2 class 2-6-2

As well as admiring the 5" Stroudly 'Terrier' 0-6-0 tank engine, several people asked Jim Scott about the stand he made to build and display the loco.

Eddie Gibbons kindly supplies information for this web site as he builds a 5" LNER K3 and GNR H4. This is the H4 chassis.

The swing link pony truck on the H4.

The tender for the H4.

On top of the tender can be seen one of the wheel sets for the K3 and a tyre.

Peter Newby is building a 7 1/4" Ken Swan design 0-4-0 tank 'Wren' - good luck moving it with some more parts attached Peter!!

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