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eighth heating

For the firehole door screws I used through stays rather than blind stays, I also put the flange on the outside of the backhead which meant that they could not be soldered in with the backhead stays on the inside of the firebox which would have been much easier.
In the final sequence Stuart has to go back and solder the firehole door stays on the inside before moving the boiler to the floor so that he can get at the smokebox tubeplate. Finally the rivets and clack valve are soldered.




The clamp holds the steel plate used to protect the tube ends from the heat in case it melts the solder

Stuart used an no. 13 nozzle throughout     

  This time the boiler is transferred to the floor

                              Preparing for the smokebox tubeplate    




       Joining oddments of silver solder sticks, at today's prices none should be wasted!

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