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second heating
third heating
fourth heating
fifth heating
sixth heating
seventh heating
eighth heating

The backhead is next. Once up to heat Stuart applies tacks to each side then progressively works his way round the seam taking in adjacent bushes and longstays as he goes. He then solders the foundation ring before moving up the backhead and on to the lower stays. Last job is to solder the firehole ring before the boiler is moved to the horizontal position for soldering the dome bush which is achieved using the propane burner alone.

  Preparing to solder the backhead


The rivets at the foundation ring hold the piece in position & can be cut off after soldering

Stuart continues to check & apply flux at the pre-heating stage                              Tacking the backhead


                                                                                            Note the position of solder & flame

Heat the metal not the solder     

                  As things cool down you need the propane to get the work back up to soldering temperature.







                 After transfer to the hearth, the dome bush is soldered


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