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Stuart likes to fit the tubes at this stage rather than to the firebox tube plate whilst the firebox is a seperate unit.
With the smokebox tubeplate on its rivets the tubes are slid in one by one from the smoke box end. A tray is inserted which stops the tubes falling down into the smokebox space when the boiler is set upright. The tray itself is kept in place by a steel plate which is taped to the barrel until the assembly is moved to the hearth. After the tubes are done the boiler is moved so that the rear barrel bushes can be fitted.


Fitting the tubes 


Stuart guides the tray to support the tubes into place


Once in a steel plate stops it falling out                      Check to see no tubes have fallen through 


The plate taped into position before transferring the boiler to the hearth

 Applying flux after removing the tape


Ventilation - You don't need a fan in Northumberland! In fact on bad days the flame was liable to blow out!


Soldering the tubes


After transferring to the hearth, the bushes are done



You should be able to see the solder penetration and fillets around the tubes

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