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The fourth heating starts as usual with fluxing the boiler. Stuart then heats with the propane torch continuing to apply more flux as necessary.
The second set of side stays hang by their heads. The backhead stays are positioned by the backhead which is a light press fit into the boiler shell.
When the firebox side of the second set of sidestays has been soldered, Stuart moves onto the outside of the first set of sidestays. When completed the boiler is stood on it's backhead to give access to the firebox side of the firebox side of the backhead stays then the throatplate stays on the outside.


The second set of side stays are at the bottom                                                             Stuart fluxes the boiler


                                                                                     Stuart starts on the inside of the second set of side stays

 Not very sharp, but it does show the fumes containing cadmium

Next Stuart reheats before starting the outside of the stays soldered at the last heat

 Note how the solder is applied to the stay off the side sheet & out of the flame

 Next Stuart reheats prior starting the backhead stays

Progress is orderly, though he does not hang around, there is no sense of being hurried

 Note the boiler is propped on U section steel to clear the backhead rivets

Reheating before starting on the throatplate rivets  

 After soldering one or two rivets, Stuart decides he needs more heat

The solder stick is applied to the front of the rivet, the flame is behind it

 Side stays. The phosphor bronze expansion brackets were fitted to and soldered with the side stay tails. The surface finish is from the brass brush I used with a Proxon drill to clean up


No 2 boiler                                                                                      On number 1 boiler, dirt stopped the silver solder

 penetrating the countersink for the top left hand rivet

     The bottom left stay, where the solder penetration looks suspect, 
                                                                                                        was redone from the inside at the next heating


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