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The third heating involved fitting and soldering the firebox side of the throatplate stays and the first set of side stays then the outside of the roof stays.
After each stage the boilers were pickled and inspected to see that solder penetration was adequate. Whilst the inside seams are visible they have to be shown to the club boiler inspectors who need to see this themselves, for certification purposes.

 Stuart starts to heat with propane burner & adds flux where necessary

The throatplate stays are done first  

 In passing, tidying up the flange plate seam

Reheating to start the side stays 

 When the flux looks like runny egg white it is time to start soldering

Whilst working down the box, cooling meant the solder stopped flowing freely

 So reheat with the propane

Finishing the last row.

 A last inspection before finishing the sidestays

 Heating before soldering the outside of the roof stays

Starting the roof stays                                                           The flame away from the rivet


The second row of stays                                                         Flux running down the stays


The solder follows the flux through the gaps created for it                Yellow cadmium deposits. Stuarts hearth is well ventillated.


                                                                                      I am to blame for the deficiencies in the copperwork!

 The firebox side of right hand side stays soldered


                                  Check out stay 4 up & 3 from the right.                                        This was resoldered when the opportunity arose

 There appears to be good silver solder penetration into the water space on all the stays.

Showing silver solder penetration from the outside on all the stays

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