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The second heating saw the firebox fitted into the boiler shell. The assembly had been trial fitted and held with rivets to check that not too much daylight showed between the joints in the plates, on the other hand there has to be a gap for solder to flow, to encourage this, nicks were filed in the larger bush holes and in stay heads. Rivet stays were a loose fit in their holes which were drilled 0.005 in. oversize. Rivets were lightly closed but the countersink around the rivet hole on the shank side was left so that it filled with silver solder. The benefit is seen in the pictures which clearly show how well the solder goes through to the far side of the joints.


Inner firebox fitted to barrel and fitted


More flux                                                                                          Flux starting to boil

 Nearly ready judging by colours on the copper and the molten flux

The rivet used to fill the gap where the flange turns in

 Silver solder melts into the chamfer on the foundation ring

Reheating after tacking the side sheets & removing the clamps

 Heat applied inside as the solder melts into the gap on the outside

Making sure the flux has melted into the joint

 Another reheat before starting the roof stays


Stuart blitzing the roof stays


                  Accessing the roof stays                                                            Another view of the roof stays


                             Silver solder has penetrated through the firebox roof                                  The throatplate

 The lighting angle can make shallow pits look deeper than they are

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