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Wednesday 7th December at 7.0pm
Tony Moss will give a talk about SUNDIALS
For fifteen years Tony ran his firm Lindisfarne Sundials making sundials on a commercial basis.
His instrument quality sundials vary in size from small wedding gifts in gold to large dials for public parks. His largest can be seen on the hill near Silver Link on the Coast Rd: it is twenty metres in diameter and six metres high.
Tony will tell us some of the theory involved in designing a sundial and go on to describe some of the machining processes he has evolved in their manufacture. His talk will be illustrated and promises to be very interesting.
If you have read articles in ME and not been able to keep up (like me), then here is an opportunity to learn from an expert.
Below are photographs of some of the sun dials Tony has made.  


Borromean Ring Dial                                             H&W reproduction


Jamestown in Stainless Steel


Melton Mowbray Assembled                                    Melton Mowbray Complete

Wedding Dial

Further information can be found on Tony's website: http://www.lindisun.demon.co.uk

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