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Recent events include the members' bonfire night run in November; a visit by members of the Institute of Mechanical Egineers in September and something completely different - the last stretch of drainpipe onto our site in preperation for toilet facilities in the new clubhouse.
First Bonfire night running - Lindsay Oliver ran on the ground level track while Jim Scott used the raised track.



Dave Nesbitt in the driving seat of Maid of Kent

Photos below of the I Mech E visit (more can be seen on our facebook page) Both visitors & members enjoyed driving locos.









Early October & a work party spent 3 days digging the last few metres & laying the drain from the car park onto our site. Many thanks must go to all, but especially Dave Nesbitt for his skills operating a mini digger! as you look through the pictures, it is amazing how many times there are people doing little except look down the hole!!





Please scroll down for pictures of the visit to Tanfield railway & a visit by the gentlemen from Deaflink to learn a little more about our hobby. But first some photos of Chris Vine visiting the TSMEE track, then our stand alongside Chris at the Stephenson Railway museum in July.


Chris enjoyed driving Malcolm Grisdale's 3 1/2" loco - somewhat smaller than he is used to!!


Chris Vine, the TSMEE crew and Bongo

Our Host Robin Gibson & his 3 1/2" South African Loco.


The TSMEE stand

and some fun as Chris presents Chairman Jim with one of his books!

TheTanfield Railway asked us to participate in their Iron 175 Celebrations in June 2014. We had a stand inside maned by John, Jim & Norman

Outside were Dave Henderson's loco running on a rolling road with Robin Evans & Chris Wakefield steaming their traction engines.





On the 16th June 12 gentlemen from the Deaflink group came with their interpreters to learn a little about our hobby. After hearing from John Bolter, Stu Davidson, Peter Newby & Malcolm Phillips it was time for a practical session firing Linda's loco.





The end of August 2013 saw the 4 day event at Beamish where it is becoming traditional for the 2 Wrens to go and take part, hauling passengers & enjoying Beamish Model Engineer Group's hospitality.

Below are some historic photos - at one point there was 7 locomotives of Ken Swan design all together - 5 Wrens & 2 Koppels.


We also had a stand in the exhibition room.

January 1st 2013 was one of the few dry days of the winter, the pictures below show Joseph & Allan taking the opportunity to wrap up warm and run their locomotives.


August 1st saw us supporting an event in the park to celebrate National Play Day. Brian's Wren and Allan's Holmside  were the passenger hauling workhorses for the day with Stu's petrol engine assisting.





These 2 young ladies could be budding engineers. When Stu was looking to see where the engine was, they decided to give him a hand!

Many thanks to all who made the day a great success and many families very happy!

Having decided we would give rides to the public on the 1st Sunday of the month, Brian again brought the Wren to the track. The forecast was mixed, the first passengers arrived soon after 10am. Passenger numbers were steady until lunch time. The team took the opportunity of a lull to have lunch, then the thunder started rolling around. A few more passengers came, but then so did the rain! Signals etc. were quickly collected in, all that was left outside was Brian & the engine! The following pictures show how much rain fell in less than an hour. Once the rain eased we completed the packing away & made for the exit, however at this point the flooding got worse as water ran off the moor, but I did not get photos as we had more problems - the tunnel out was flooded! Brian towed George's car out & we eventually made our escape via the town moor. I am pleased I was with a group of engineers!!









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