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bonding mouldings to loco bodies

As a group of model engineers we often have our own way of doing things, learned over the years through trial & error also called experience! I would like to share some of your ideas on these pages, so please send me anything you think may be good to share. It may be a link to a web page or YouTube which can be listed below or an article on a sub page.

Have you watched any of the Double Boost videos on YouTube? Here's a link to just 1 of many  

This is a link to one of many videos about welding tips & tricks  

Brian Nicholls recommended this easy DRO for the hobby lathe  

Peter Newby suggests hving a look at some of the tool building projects on  

Mike Mee suggests marking your pressure gauge with a small tapered shape of red electricians tape instead of trying to accurately  draw a visible red line

Just some starters, now it is over to you!

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