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TSMEE NEWS – February 2017


This was held on Sunday 4 December and as usual at this time of year we were keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the weather would be kind to us.  Fortunately the weatherman was on our side as it was fine all day albeit that it was very cold.  There were plenty of decorations around the track including reindeer and shepherds and in addition the Twelve Days of Christmas were also shown with twelve separate boards on the north fence depicting each of the days.  For me the best attraction of all was Santa’s Grotto which was a transformation of our new workshop.  There were toys, a working railway, a sleigh (our lawnmower in disguise), Christmas presents and a Christmas tree together with Santa’s chair.  There were many compliments from our visitors regarding the attraction which we provided and one mother said it was worth seeing the Grotto even if the trains hadn’t been running! 


Talking of the trains there were two steam locos in operation together with the club loco and the passenger service ran from 11am until 3pm.  Thanks go to Linda and Liz (Robin’s wife) for the superb decorations and to Phil for the supply of liquid refreshment.  Thanks also to all other members who helped with the days activities.




This took place on 18 December and was the first Christmas get together in the new clubhouse.  There was a good turnout of members together with plenty of food and several raffle prizes supplied by the members.  Christmas decorations adorned the clubhouse together with a good sized Christmas tree and there was plenty of ‘festive spirit’ and good cheer in the air.  Sincere thanks to Linda for supplying all the food and thanks also to those who provided raffle prizes.




The indexes for Model Engineers Workshop numbers 21 to 248 have been collated and are located in a file to the right of the latest issues of the publication.   Usually an index covers twelve issues and entries are by by subject and by author.


The indexes for numbers 1 to 20 have not yet been located but will be added as soon as possible

                                                                                                                               John Bolter 




Whilst our secretary Linda was going through some old club records she came upon a quiz from an early copy of this newsletter. 

Autumn 1946 Issue 2 of TSMEE Times – The journal of the Tyneside Society of Model & Experimental Engineers



1.   1. Can superheated steam be seen in the dark?
2. Why is the density of boiler water measured in thirty – secondths in Marine Boilers?
3. Is the water level shown in the boiler gauge glass a true indication of the water level in the boiler?


1.   1.  What is Kinetic Energy?
2. What are Infra – red rays?
3. What is resonance?


1.    1. Who named electricity?
2. What is electrolysis?
3. Where do we get the word “farad”?



1.    1. What are the standard railway gauges for the following countries?

1.     Canada  2. India  3. Ireland 4. Spain 5. Russia 6. Belgium?

2.    What is a scandiscope?

3.   Who invented the first pedal cycle and when?


Answers were at the end of the Journal



1.   1.  Yes
2. Because 32lb of average sea water contains 1lb of solid matter
3. No, because the water in the glass being colder shows a proportionally lower reading


1.   1. The word kinetic may be defined as “of producing or depending upon motion”. Steam possesses kinetic energy since it can be used to drive machinery. A large stone on a hillside has potential energy when stationary, but should someone roll it downhill this would be changed to kinetic energy.
2. Rays beyond the red end of the spectrum invisible to sight but producing heat. They are used in medicine and for long range photography
3. The vibration of any body caused by the wave energy set up by vibrations of another body will cause resonance when the vibrations occur at the same frequency


1.   1. William Gilbert (1544-1603) doctor to Queen Elizabeth. He coined the word from electron the Greek name for amber, because when a piece of amber is rubbed with a cloth it acts as a magnet to small light objects
2. The process by which chemical change is caused by passing an electric current through a liquid
3. From the name of Michael Faraday (1791- 1867) who in 1831 discovered electro-magnetic induction and thus made possible the application of electric power. A farad being the practical unit of electrical capacity




     1.  4ft 8 1/2ins.           2.  5ft 6ins.      3.  5ft 3ins

           4.  5ft 6 ins.                  5. 5ft 6 ins.        6. 4ft 8 1/2ins.


2.      The familiar jointed sweeps brush, except that the joints fitted instead of screwing

3.      In 1840 a Scotsman, Kirkpatrick Macmillan of Dumfries, invented the first bicycle with pedals



We welcome Michael Maguire to the society and hope that he has a long association with us.  Don’t forget Michael if you want any help or information just ask and we will endeavour to assist.


Wednesday 1 March at 7.15pm – talk by Greg Van Hinsberg of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers on 3D printing.  It will be interesting to                                                                          see how three dimentional parts are made and learn about another aspect of engineering.  
                                                   Greg was present at our passenger hauling event for the Institute last year 

Wednesday 8 March at 1pm – visit to the Wylam Brewery.  

Sunday 30 April – boat regatta 10am start

Friday 12 May to Sunday 14 May – Doncaster Exhibition, setting up on Thursday 11 May

Sunday 21 May – Jesmond Festival, public running 11am to 3pm

Wednesday 7 June – Annual General meeting

Sunday 5 November – Ghost Train Special

Sunday 3 December – Santa Special


In addition there will be public running on the first Sunday of each month starting on 2 April.  Other events are planned but not yet confirmed so watch this space together with our website.




Newsletter Editor:   Stuart Davidson         email: stu.davidson@blueyonder.co.uk             Tel   0191 2531802
Secretary:   Linda Nicholls                          email: lindanic@sky.com                              Tel   01670 816072
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