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Eddie Gibbons has previously displayed his K3 and H4 chassis at Harrogate on the club stand.
Below is the start of construction of the two chassis in pictures. 
Once you reach the bottom of this page, the story continues on 'locomotive building page 2' link above.




2nd January 2005 - H4 dragbox components         K3 Dragbox ready for silver soldering


Milling the drawbar slots in the drag beam K3                                  Underside of the H4 drag box



  Four loco frame plates in milling machine for truing                    Frame plates being marked out



 Closer view of marking out                                     drilling holes in the frames by the dozen





Drawing with the x & y co ordinates for the holes               Plates set up for drilling




Boring the large holes                             A pile of horn castings just arrived


Chain drilling the profile of the underside                 
Surplus material broken out


 Machining the frame edge                                  An improvised DRO


Table of co ordinates for machining the frame edge radii            Profiling the back of the frames


 Machining of the frames plates for the K3 complete          A pair of frames being picked & one I did earlier



Trial erection of the H4 frames                          Machining horns 1


 Machining horns 2                                         Machining horns 3


 erecting the H4                                          and the K3


27 - 31st December 2005 2 sets of frames a year later


Eddie’s Gresley Moguls – The continuing story of the GNR H4 and LNER K3

 After the first year’s work on loco frames, I decided to start on the tenders. There’s nothing worse than getting a loco complete and ready to run, and then having to start on the tender – bitter experience!



Left  The two loco frames were exhibited in May 2006 at Harrogate. 

Right Work to overhaul one of my other locos delayed work on the new engines and in June the plates for the H4’s GNR Class B 3500 gallon tender,  annealed, straightening and descaled, are seen, marked out, on the milling machine for being drilled



 Shows the same plates from a different angle to show the many rivet holes          Here the frames are seen after drilling and profiling.



Left The K3’s tender is the LNER Standard 4200 type and this illustrates the marking out of the plates prior to machining.

Right A few parts had been made earlier in the year and here are some frame stretchers for the GNR tender. The structural Ts are machined from the solid.


Left The frames for both tenders almost ready for assembly, now with fabricated horns, spring hanger brackets and top angles riveted in place.
Note the inner frames of the LNER tender and the fabricated frame stretchers and brake hanger supports .
The riveted rear drag box for the GHR tender is partly made.

Right  A close up of the riveted drag box


A view of the LNER tender stretchers                                      The front drag box of the GNR tender test assembled


 The drag box stripped down for cleaning prior to final assembly and silver soldering



The two tender frames erected.                            The 4200 gallon tender frame close up



And a view from above                   The 3500 gallon tender frame.
                                                                                             Note the simple design compared with the later type



And a view highlighting the riveted dragbox, a difficult assembly.                          The loco and tender frames exhibited at Harrogate in 2007.

Note the progress on one of Jimmy’s two 9Fs in just a year.



The LNER tender with axleboxes                         And now with axles



 Two dozen spring hangers part machined                Part machined hangers on the drawing



 Spring hangers almost complete                           Machining the backs of the hangers



 All nearly finished                                                            A Spencer spring block top being machined


 Spring blocks in various stages of manufacture          Sets of six blocks in various stages of final hand finishing



Spring plates halfway through bending                     The plate roller made for the job



 Plates bent, drilled and ends chamfered ready for assembly     A top plate in the jig for soldering the retaining bars in place



The GNR frames with springs in place                                   The LNER frames ditto and ready for the tank. April 2008


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